This plugin imbues Amplenote with various AI superpowers, including:

- Selected text features -
Features invoked by selecting text and choosing an option from the ensuing toolbar.
1. Thesaurus. Get 10 suggested synonyms that make sense in the context around the word.
2. Answer question. If your highlighted text appears to be a question, you'll have the option to ask the AI for an answer to that question.
3. Complete a sentence. What text seems like it should come after the selected text?
4. Revise. How could the selected text be improved?
5. Rhymes with. What are 10 words that rhyme with the selected word?

- Note option features -
Features available by clicking the triple dot menu when a note is open.
1. Sort groceries. Given a task or bullet-list of grocery items, arrange them by the aisle they can be found in the grocery store
2. Revise. Suggest revisions to the entire note.
3. Summarize. Summarize the text of the open note.

- Evaluation/Insert text features -
Features invoked by entering an open bracket { and typing one of the following.
1. Complete. Answer a question or finish a thought from the words prior to this being invoked.
2. Continue. Continue in a similar style with the text that preceded "Continue" being invoked.
3. Image from preceding. Generate a Dall-e-2 or Dall-e-3 image.
4. Image from prompt. Generate a Dall-e-2 or Dall-e-3 image from a prompt that you enter after selecting this.
5. Suggest tasks. Based on the note title and contents, suggest relevant tasks to undertake.

- App option (Quick Open) features -
Features accessed by invoking Quick Open and typing the bold words below.
1. Question & answer. Ask a question to OpenAI or the Ollama LLM of your choosing.
2. Converse/Chat. Have a back-and-forth conversation that remembers the previous responses.

This plugin sends requests to OpenAI (defaults is currently gpt-4-1106-preview), or to a local Ollama instance, if you have installed Ollama and you don't have an OpenAI API key entered.

To get an OpenAI API key, sign up for OpenAI (, then visit OpenAI's API keys page ( If you find that all API calls fail, confirm that you have credits in your OpenAI account.

To use the plugin with Ollama, start by installing Ollama from its download link. Then install an LLM using ollama run, for example, ollama run mistral (we have found that "mistral" seems to offer the best results as of early 2024). After Ollama is installed, you will need to stop the resident Ollama server (click Ollama icon in your toolbar and choose "Quit"), then open a console and run OLLAMA_ORIGINS= ollama serve. You can test that your Ollama server has been started correctly by invoking Quick Open and running "Look up available Ollama models." If it doesn't work, run ps aux | grep ollama in console to find existing Ollama servers, and kill those before re-running the command with OLLAMA_ORIGINS specified.

Find more documentation on this plugin within the Amplenote Help Center.