Setting up AImage Creator
0. Install the plugin
1. Open the plugin settings and paste the OpenAI key you have generated
2. If you want higher res pics, enter "1024" into the "Image size" field, otherwise you'll get images that look like the defaults shown below.

Using this plugin
Installing this plugin allows a user to quickly generate and insert images into their notes. Since OpenAI has yet to claim any copyright on generated AI images, this plugin can greatly expedite content creation for those who have previously used stock image libraries. It can probably also be useful to help documenters, wiki creators, and writers in general.

There are currently three ways to invoke it:
1. Expression operator {AImage Creator: from preceding} will, by default, give you three options of 512x512 images that pertain to the previous paragraph (either earlier on the same line, or on a previous line)
2. Expression operator {AImage Creator: via prompt} will pop up an input for you to enter a prompt to generate some images
3. Note option Summary image will send the content of the note to OpenAI's image generator and see what happens 🎭

Adopt a lab puppy {AImage Creator: from preceding}

It does that sort of thing, and also this sort of thing