After installing the plugin, type { and you will have 3 new options:
1. Amplequery: Field
2. Amplequery: Tag
3. Amplequery: Empty
4. Amplequery: Reference
5. Amplequery: Tag reference

"Filter by field" returns a list of notes that match a certain field value, where fields are defined in a table at the top of notes. For performance considerations, this plugin only searches inside notes with a certain tag (as you define in the settings screen). Can be improved once support for inserting tables is added.

"Filter by tag" returns a list of notes that match a certain tag query.

The "Empty" filter will return a list of notes that are empty, with the option to apply a common tag to all search results.

The "Reference" filter will let you select a note and will return all notes that reference the selected note.

The "Tag reference" filter will ask for the name of a tag and will return all tasks that reference notes tagged with that tag.